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Drupal translate custom module

If you created your custom Drupal module and you wonder how to translate it in other language then you came to the right place!

In few simple steps I ll show you how to export translatable strings from your custom module and import them in Drupal translation interface.

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Open Drupal modules in Notepad++ using PHP markup

If you are working everyday with Drupal module development you know how frustrating can be that each time you open a module file its show in plaintext instead of in PHP format. Well there is a easy solution, open up your Notepad++ and go to Settings -> Style Configurator.

Depending on which language color syntax you want for the file extension, under Language, select the language.

Select php under Language.

drupal module

Applying a patch to a Drupal module

I will quickly show you how to apply a patch to a Drupal module. Following works for all versions of Drupal.

1. First download a patch and save it to your local hard drive (in my example I saved it under C:\wamp\www).

2. In your command line enter following (replace audiofield with the name of the module you wish to patch):

drupal module

Drupal 7 - LinkedIn login module

If you are looking for a way to add Linkedin login/signup buttons to your Drupal 7 website then you came to the right place. Only module that seems to provide Linkedin integration is LinkedIn module but unfortunately its only available in dev version and quickly after enabling it I figured out its not working well to be used on production sites.

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